Carl Froch considers spring 2016 comeback

Froch last fought when knocking out George Groves in front of 80,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in May 2014, but retired promising never to embark on a comeback that couldn’t top his latest achievement.

The Nottingham man seems raring to go following an 18-month spell as a pundit for Sky Sports and believes he could be ready as early as the first quarter of 2016 for another world title shot – potentially against compatriot James DeGale.

“I always said ‘Once I’ve retired, I won’t come back’, but just lately now, 18 months on from my last fight, I’m starting to think to myself ‘You know what? I’m fit, I’m strong, I’m in good shape’,” Froch told Press Association Sport.

“There’s nobody at my weight where I’m thinking ‘I’m worried about him’, not even Andre Ward.

“If I did fancy it, I’m thinking spring next year, get Christmas out of the way. I’m training every day. I’m not doing much punching, but my fitness is up.

“If I was going to fight again, and it’s a big if, I’d be ready for next year. Another slice of the action, another snippet in the limelight, a massive fight, all the attention on me – I’m not an attention seeker but it’s just relighting that old flame.”

Right now, DeGale, 29, seems to be the most likely foe for Froch, although the rest of the boxing world would love a match-up against Gennady Golovkin at 168, which is another contest that has the possibility of gracing a stadium.

‘The Cobra’ has long eyed a return his home city at Nottingham Forest FC’s City Ground, and either DeGale or Golovkin would hand Froch the opportunity to so, with the former being the most fathomable in the short term.