Arum: Pacquiao-Khan story was made up, uncle called to apologize

📸 Chris Farina

Bob Arum has informed WBN that he believes the recent Manny Pacquiao v Amir Khan story released by a national newspaper in the UK was completely fabricated.

Speaking over the phone in the aftermath of the report going viral, Arum said that the writer involved, who has a long-standing reputation in the sport, put the story out without seeking out any confirmation on the subject.

“I know that guy wanted to make a story so he made one up,” Arum exclusively told World Boxing News.

“It’s all a made up story. I’ve been talking to the lawyer (of Khan) and the uncle called me to apologise that night. I’ve had really nice conversations with the lawyer and the uncle, and they are nice people, but where it came from I don’t know.

“In the end it’s made up and the uncle called me to apologise,” he added.

The article stated had that Khan had signed and sent back his paperwork for the clash and that Pacquiao has agreed to face the Briton in his final bout on April 9 at the world famous MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, which Arum immediately refuted to WBN at the time.

At the moment, Timothy Bradley and Terence Crawford both remain in the mix – alongside Khan, to meet Pacquiao in a massive pay-per-view clash, whilst the ‘Pacman’ himself is still holding out hope of a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr.