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Home » Evander Holyfield, Larry Holmes heap praise on Deontay Wilder

Evander Holyfield, Larry Holmes heap praise on Deontay Wilder

Evander is one of the stars at the World boxing Council’s Convention, in Kunming, China.

“Of course there should be just one champion. It would be great to have just one undisputed champion again. I don’t like to make predictions, but Wladimir has more experience and Wilder is a young guy who fights fast and if he does that, there’s a great chance it would go to him. If you wait on an experienced guy, you take your party with you.”

Evander who fought a long and brilliant career said Wladimir, who’s getting on a bit is still physically fit and sharp: “one important key, is taking care of your body. Wladimir does that, is always in shape and is a very wise person. But if you gain too much time you don’t win.”

Larry Holmes says that Deontay still has to hone his style, but has already proved that he has got a sturdy chin and can take a punch.

“Wilder can defeat Wladimir, because he’s about the same height and he’s got a jab like Larry Holmes’ and he’s got a good right hand. I myself learned from Ali, and perfected the jab. I wanted to be faster than Ali and punch harder than him.

“Sheer determination is everything in being heavyweight champion. I wanted to WIN, because a lot of people told me I’d never be the champion of the world. That my legs were too small. That I was a copycat of Muhammad Ali and I wasn’t going anywhere.

“But with my title fight with Kenny Norton I proved everything. It was a good fight, and I miss Ken since his passing. At the end of the fight, Kenny gave me a friendly pat on the shorts. Kenny was all right. He was always all right.”