Editor’s view: False dawns hurting Amir Khan’s big fight chances

Phil Jay 04/11/2015

It’s not the first time a fight between a major player in the sport and British welterweight Amir Khan has been announced prematurely, but hopefully for the ex-world champion it will be the last.

Khan, 28, has missed out on facing pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr numerous times in past, two of which were confirmed by reporters in his homeland and the Middle East before their time.

A Tuesday UK report, which WBN will not name, stated Khan has signed off on a deal to battle Manny Pacquiao on April 9, with information that read; ‘Khan has agreed terms’ and that ‘the fight will take place’ – something completely denied by promoter Bob Arum to WBN just a short time later.

Seeing how the journalist is well-known to the British Isles and beyond, and has access to several sources surrounding the potential super-fight, it remains a mystery as the why the article was published without clarification of the content.

It’s yet another example of press coverage that can be harmful to Khan’s chances of actually landing the Pacquiao bout, something rival Mayweather and his father Floyd Sr. have pointed out was a negotiation turning point for them.

Arum obviously spent the best part of Tuesday replying to a large portion of the boxing media worldwide in a bid to clarify that the story was untrue, which could sway the Top Rank boss into choosing in-house fighter Terence Crawford as Pacquiao’s opponent instead.

WBN has an interview lined up with Arum on Wednesday and will be attempting to clear up exactly where Khan stands in the current climate following this most recent false dawn, whilst Crawford will be hoping this damaging turn of events will now put him in the driving seat for the spring.