Eddie Chambers on Klitschko v Fury, return, retirement thoughts

Tim Kudgis 03/11/2015

This past Sunday, Jesse Rican, Flawless, Boxing Eye and myself had the chance to talk to “Fast” Eddie Chambers on “The Cornermen” live on the ATG Radio Network.

We had the chance to discuss many topics such as Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko, his ring return, not retiring and his move to cruiserweight.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

On Tysons Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko:

I think he (Tyson) has a very good shot. When you look at Wladimir Klitschko he hasn’t faced I quite like him. It is almost a total different matchup. For the most part Wladimir is too big and strong for the smaller guys. This time he has someone who is big, athletic and can move as well. He will be a different kind of look for him. He’s going to have to look to close the gap a bit to even get close to make the fight. It is going to be very very interesting. I think Tyson has a heck of a shot to win this fight. It is going to be interesting. I think it is going to be one of the most exciting fights Wladimir has had. He is going to have to really step it up to win this one.

On his ring return:

Probably going to get in the ring sometime soon. I would say late November or early December. With that time table it really depends on who is available. I want a bigger fight I want someone who can get me to one of these titles. I wouldn’t mind fighting Deontay or Wladimir if he is still holding the title sometime this year but these are some flights that won’t come right away. I am willing to fight whatever prospects they have out there or whatever top-level contenders. I don’t want anything given to me because once I get the gold it will be even sweeter. That is how I spent my career fighting tough opposition. I don’t want to change that. If I go down as one of the better guys who competed at this level in the sport I want to be one of the ones that were not running and hiding from the top guys. I want to be one of the guys who faces everybody.

On not retiring:

If it wasn’t for Peter, Tyson Fury and their family I would have been out of the sport. I have one foot in four toes out the door. Thank goodness for him to come to me and say let’s give it another shot. We are going to move you back to heavy weight and they have delivered on everything they said. That got me more excited about competing again. My position now is trying to get out of the shadow as the guy that is about to walk away from the sport and that people don’t remember the loss as to the South African kid as my last fight. I’ve had 5 fights in the UK and one here. A lot of people don’t look at that. I’m back at heavyweight and people still think I’ma cruiserweight. There is a lot of misinformation out there I want to get in the public eye back here to show I can compete at the top level and go and win a world title.

On fighting at cruiserweight:

Absolutely I can make it (cruiserweight) I have just done it. There is not enough going on there. You need to have backing for proper training. To make money it takes money. If you don’t have quality guys around you. I am talking sparring and preparation. It’s not going to matter how hard you try and physically. You have to get the backing part down. I think that is where I was falling short in the cruiserweight division. I had problems with my house at the time. A lot of things happen but I’m not going to make excuses because regardless of that I should have been able to complete on a level I’m used to competing on. These are the reasons these things happen. So I said okay let’s make a move back to heavyweight where I know I am comfortable and see if I can make it up there.

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