Exclusive: Mosley believes Warren / Smith used his name before backing out of fight

The 44 year-old was conversing with Smith’s promoter Frank Warren about a potential deal to fight for the WBO super welterweight title and was willing to put an agreed fight in 2016 on hold.

Disagreements over an immediate rematch initially stalled the talks, but Mosley re-entered negotiations and informed WBN that he bent over backwards further on the second contest terms.

Despite agreeing to everything put in front on him to face champion Smith, Mosley now says complications over the sanctioning have given Warren the perfect opportunity to back out.

“Firstly, Liam called me out and then Frank Warren contacted me,” Mosley told World Boxing News.

“I agreed to fight for a quarter of my minimum just because I know I can beat Liam’s flat foot butt and it was an easy win. I agreed to their low purse, then they came back with an immediate rematch clause that I agreed to with a stipulation of it being within two months. They refused and said it must be 10 weeks. So I agreed. Then they said that wasn’t long enough. So I said fine and it can be as long as they wanted.

“Then they said it could be with Liam or with one of their other fighters, and was like really? Why kind of back door shit is that right? But I want the belt and know I have a 100% chance of getting it from this kid, so I agree to that ‘any other fighter’ rematch bullshit.

“They call back and say Paco (Valcarel) from the WBO refused to sanction the fight. So I called Paco and he said he had never even been spoken to by anyone iabout it and the ratings meeting was the day before. Nobody brought it up.

“So, bottom line is Warren and Liam just wanted to use my name to get some press and I called their bluff. They got scared and needed a way to back out. I fought the WBO’s ‘super’ champion Manny Pacquiao for the belt just four years ago. I am also rated number four with WBA and they regularly acknowledge other sanctioning bodies for voluntary fights.

“So there’s no legitimate reason WBO has for not sanctioning the fight. I am an elite world class fighter who just came off a KO win. I am currently ranked with the WBA.

“The Smith fight is off due to ‘straight bitchassness’ and fear. This is what is wrong with boxing. They want to keep the belt locked up over there in UK. Welcome to the world of boxing. They should be embarrassed.

“They had me moving dates and affecting other fights all behind bullshit. Very bad business,” added Mosley.

Smith now looks set to face a Top 15 WBO ranked opponent on the Andy Lee v Billy Joe Saunders bill at Manchester Arena, whilst Mosley is left to concentrate on his previously scheduled fight next year.