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Home » Campfort talks Charlo, Trout, PBC matchmaking on ‘The Cornermen’

Campfort talks Charlo, Trout, PBC matchmaking on ‘The Cornermen’

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We had the chance to discuss several topics such as his upcoming fight, Austin Trout, PBC and his only loss. Here are some of the highlights:

On fighting Austin Trout and Jermell Charlo:

After my fight, trout was the commentator for bounce TV. I ran up to him in the hotel lobby and said something to him. Then he acted like he didn’t know who I was. I said I am Silky Wilky and you will be watching the fight tomorrow. I asked if I won my fight would you fight me. He said yeah yeah yeah I will give you a chance. Then I beat Marquez has an expected him to be a man of his word. I asked him to be a man of his word and why can’t me and you fight next and he ignored me.

Then I was sitting at home. I got the call asking me if I wanted to fight Charlo. I said yes. I will fight anybody. I am in this business to fight. I am NOT in this business to run from anybody. I am in this business to fight. They asked me if I was interested and I said yeah. They said they would call me back in the night. The next day they called me and said okay you have the fight. They offered it to someone but they were scared to fight Charlo. I am NOT scared to fight. I’m not afraid to get in the ring with nobody that is what I do.

On PBC’S matchmaking:

They’re not looking for just opponents. They are looking to put in the best fighters out there. Have you ever seen a mismatch on PBC? You see a lot of upsets on PBC. They always have the best fighting the best so I don’t think they are looking for opponents.

On his first loss and if it caused setbacks:

I learned a lot from this site if you get a someone’s backyard you can’t just beat them every round and leave it in the judges hands. I still feel like I’m an undefeated fighter. If you look at it the fight right now I don’t understand how I lost the fight. I couldn’t understand what the judges were watching at the time. You know what I put it in the past. It is what it is. I am just getting ready for November 28th. That is what is on my mind right now.

It was a very bad decision. I thought the fight on his promoter and managers card. I haven’t moved to Tampa yet until I move there and that fight opened doors for me.

That loss affected me because before I came to Tampa I had a few promoters looking at me and managers. So when I went to Tampa and came back with a loss on my record I came back there was no manager or promoter who wanted to take the chance on me. That fight right there set me a few years back. Then with hard work and God’s work I got back. Everything that happens happens on God’s time and everything happens for a reason.

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