WBC ‘Best of 2015’ voting to open soon

The famed awards recognize the most dramatic, brilliant, courageous emotional and truly magnificent moments our great boxers have achieved over this eventful year. The categories include: Champion of the Year, KO of the year, Comeback of the year, Event of the year, Most Dramatic Fight, and YOU the fans, will be able to choose the winners.

We fully appreciate that this is not an easy task. During 2015 we have witnessed unforgettable events, packed with drama and amazing action. There have been impressive KO´s, we meet new champions and some fighters have become our new idols.

Many of us are already thinking of the impressive performances and our favorite fighter. But it’s going to be far from easy, as the completion for triumph is hard won, due to the level of brilliance, as well as intensity.

Take part. Your vote counts!