Jason Bedeman v Warren Joubert set for December 1 at Emperors Palace

Golden Gloves 28/10/2015

Two boxers at the crossroads of their careers make for a compelling fight.

On December 1, Jason Bedeman and Warren Joubert will square off in an intriguing 10-rounder that ought to invigorate the loyal Emperors Palace crowd.

Both have enjoyed prominence on the local scene for the past five years and wear their battle scars proudly. Joubert topped his career by winning the SA junior-welterweight title earlier this year, while Bedeman captured the IBO’s Africa lightweight belt a number of years ago.

But recent form suggests the loser may have nowhere to go. Ali Funeka banged Bedeman out in a single round two years ago and most recently he hung tough against Paul Kamanga, but still lost a wide decision.

Joubert has packed a lot into his 31-fight career, but he was off his game in July when Grant Fourie ripped the SA championship from him in an exciting 12-rounder. He was competitive and willing, but there was no snap in his punches and his usually fast and accurate punching was nowhere to be seen.

Bedeman’s power could be a big factor here. Although it was barely evident in his defeat to Kamanga, everyone on the local scene respects his ability to bang. Fifteen KO’s in 18 wins underlines this reality.


Joubert brings more traditional skills. He’s a sharp, neat boxer well rooted in the fundamentals.

Always supremely fit, he often outworks opponents and boxes nicely off the front or back foot.