Dave Coldwell delighted with Gavin McDonnell performance

Coldwell Boxing 27/10/2015

After guiding Gavin McDonnell to the most impressive win of his short career, Dave Coldwell is desperate to take his charge a level further as world class beckons following a wide points verdict over stubborn Frenchman, Jeremy Parodi.

Defending his continental strap for the first time, McDonnell displayed an admirable maturity as he boxed to orders behind a tight guard twinned with superb movement as he obeyed every single instruction roared by his new mentor. Coldwell was delighted to see the plan pay off.

“It’s so rewarding to see a fight play out exactly how you’ve prepared it to and I’m delighted that Gavin listened to me and remembered everything throughout what has been a long, disciplined camp. The result was a conclusive one and that’s a testament to Gavin’s dedication over the last couple of months because he’s been an absolute delight to have in the gym and last night was all about him. A lot of people beforehand had this a very close fight and on paper it was but Gavin went up a level against Parodi and I’m certain we will see further improvements as his development continues.”

McDonnell’s victory on Saturday capped off a brilliant year for the family with brother, Jamie, twice venturing to Texas to overcome the daunting challenge of Asian star, Tomoki Kameda. Those wins have firmly established Jamie in the lower weight categories and Coldwell is hopeful that it won’t be long before Gavin is occupying himself with the challenges of the sport’s leading names.

“There are high hopes for Gavin and so there should be because he’s improving at a rapid rate. People have to be reasonable with their demands for him as he’s still learning the sport, but I’d like to see him establish himself as a solid European level fighter and if the chance does come to move up in class and we think it’s the right fight then it’s definitely something we’ll consider. He’s a young man who’s learning every day so there’s no need for him to get carried away. We’re exactly where we want to and I couldn’t be happier for Gavin.”