Lemieux on Golovkin clash: There will be blood, pain and sufferring

HBO 16/10/2015

Ahead of his upcoming clash with WBA and IBO champion Gennady Golovkin, IBF middleweight title holder David Lemieux discusses the unification fight that takes place on October 17 at Madison Square Garden.

Taking punches — How important will your chin be to winning this fight?

You know this is a fight that people wanted to see. The fans and the world want to see this fight because they know it will be a war. In war there is pain if you accept that and decide to go in there it means you made up your mind that through thick and thin, you will pay the price that needs to be paid.

I believe it is a night that there will be blood, there will be pain and suffering and at the end of the day the winner is the one that wants it most. Believe me there is a difference between thinking you want something and knowing that you want it. I know that I want it and am fully aware of how much I am willing to take and how much I will have to dish out. Some people can dish it but can’t take it. Well isn’t that the question mark about Golovkin? Well we will find out on the 17th and there will be a lot of answers given to the world.

I will shock the world. I have been there in the past where I had nothing left in the tank and kept on going. My fight with Rubio I was never knocked out, in fact, I knocked myself out although it was a technical knockout my corner stopped the fight because they could see at the time that I had nothing left in the tank but I wasn’t going to quit. In a way that is a testament to some of these questions.

Nonetheless like I said earlier live and learn and with all the adjustments that were made in my life and career in the last few years, well we’ll never have to worry about that again. Does Golovkin have the chin to be able to withstand the onslaught I will be bringing on the 17th? Time will tell but I can tell you one thing, they all have a plan until I hit them in the mouth. I love that phrase that Tyson said because I feel that it really describes what happens to the guys that fight me. This fight will be epic because you have two guys that are ready for war that want to unify 4 world titles.

One thing is for sure, I am all about legacy and as our slogan at Eye of the Tiger says “What we do in life will echo in eternity” I believe this one is for the ages. I go in there confident, not only do I have what it takes to win I am as well very confident in my team, my trainers my promoters Oscar, Camille, Bernard, Eric the entire team of Golden boy and Eye of The Tiger leaving no stone unturned for us to come out victorious. Questions about taking punches? It’s all in how bad do you want it and to answer you I want it real bad! I will not be denied.

Golovkin vs. Lemieux takes place Saturday, October 17 from Madison Square Garden and will be produced and distributed live on HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT. The fight is on BoxNation in the UK. To subscribe click BoxNation