Khan: It’s possible Pacquiao is stalling for Mayweather rematch

Phil Jay 13/10/2015

Welterweight contender Amir Khan has questioned whether Manny Pacquiao could be waiting for Floyd Mayweather to decide on a possible rematch between the pair.

Khan had hoped to agree a fight with Pacquiao for the spring of 2016, although backed out of talks when the Filipino failed to give him a definitive answer, leaving the Briton in limbo once again.

Mayweather has already messed Khan around on three occasions in the past and the ex-super lightweight world champion is ready to leave Pacquiao behind to seek a second fight with the pound for pound king.

“I am not going to wait around for Manny like I did for Mayweather,” Khan told The National. “I need to fight and if they don’t want to fight then that’s fine, I have other targets.

“I don’t really know if Mayweather is fighting Pacquiao again. It is a possible reason for him to stall on signing the contract, but I don’t really know,” he added.

There has so far been no sign of Floyd Mayweather making a u-turn on his recent decision to retire as Pacquiao attempts to make a comeback from shoulder surgery. Pacquiao, 36, cited the ailment for his below-par performance against ‘Money’ on May 2 and the general consensus is that this leaves the door ajar for a return.