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Home » Exclusive: Gallagher sets Quigg v Frampton deadline, says Manchester the only viable venue

Exclusive: Gallagher sets Quigg v Frampton deadline, says Manchester the only viable venue

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As both sides attempt to find a resolution over a possible venue for the clash, Gallagher believes that only one venue can stage the contest and sees Manchester Arena as the only option.


Quigg and Frampton are keen to lock horns to finally decide the best 122lb boxer in the UK, but Gallagher wants things to be moved on quickly as he wants the WBA title holder back out again before the end of the year if contracts are not finalized in the coming days.

“Talks are ongoing and it’s very close to being done. It’s just sorting the venue out now,” Gallagher exclusively told World Boxing News.

“There’s talk of February or March next year. I think it would be great on the St. Patricks Day weekend in March or something like that. We just need to agree a venue, but I think the only people holding the right venue are Manchester Arena – and that is available.


“Carl has gone on record and on TV saying they would fight there, but when it comes to sitting around the table they say they won’t go there. It alright saying one thing, but then you’re going behind closed doors saying another.

“We’ve got a 20,000 venue so cut it in half. Well, obviously we don’t sell tickets according to them so they’ll have three quarters of the arena, according to them. But listen, if it doesn’t get done now it will never get done.

“It won’t be London as there’s no venue that holds 20,000, so I’d say it’s Manchester or nowhere as there is no other venue. I need Scott Quigg out fighting, and if we don’t agree soon he’ll be out fighting in December.

“If they don’t want to agree I don’t see what the rush is. Let Carl fight his mandatory Shingo Wake in December, Quigg will also fight in December and we’ll do it outdoors in May next year.


“I don’t see why there’s this big rush. February is a bad month as it’s a hard sell and people are skint after Christmas. Plus, there’s Sky pay-per-view and everything else, but if it doesn’t get done this week then we’ll fight in Decmember,” he added.

Liam Smith became the latest world title holder under Gallagher’s stewardship when defeating John Thompson it the same venue on Saturday night, but it’s now up to Frampton and his team to decide if they are willing to wait a few months or take the fight in Quigg’s backyard.