Guillermo Jones to box at heavyweight with added WBA stipulations

Robert Ecksel / WBA 08/10/2015

Former WBA World cruiserweight champion Guillermo Jones (39-3-2, 31 KOs) has not fought in two years. He was suspended in 2013 after failing the second of two drug tests, where the banned diuretic Furosemide, which is used for losing weight and masking other drugs in a urine sample, was found in his system.

The first suspension occurred after his May 2013 war with Denis Lebedev in Russia. The second suspension occurred before the Jones-Lebedev rematch.

The future of Guillermo Jones was discussed at a press conference in Panama in advance of the WBA 94th Convention, which will be held in Panama on December 13-19.

WBA Vice President Gilberto Jesus Mendoza was crystal clear about his and the organization’s intentions regarding the suspended fighter.

“We have to remember that he tested positive for Furosemide after the first fight with Denis Lebedev,” said Mendoza. “Later there was the issue of the rematch where he also tested positive for the same substance in a pre-fight test. Guillermo Jones wrote to the WBA, asking that his suspension be reduced and limited to two years and that he was thinking about boxing at heavyweight.”

Considering the time and resources that have been committed to the WBA’s KO Drugs program, as well as Sr. Mendoza’s worldwide efforts in that regard, he agreed, after much consideration, to allow Guillermo Jones to fight again, but “with a number of conditions. He must submit to random anti-doping tests during training, whether it’s in the United States, Panama, or wherever he will train.”

Mendoza also said that Jones will only be permitted to fight at heavyweight, and that he must have two fights, as well as pass any and all drug tests, before being reclassified in the heavyweight rankings.

“He will not be recognized for a regional or world title before fulfilling these requirements.”