Exclusive: Sugar Ray Leonard says Floyd Mayweather not in all-time top ten, has to go for 50-0

Mayweather announced his intention to retire from the sport upon the completion of his lucrative Showtime contract, a decision that shocked many considering the sums of cash that can be generated from ‘Money’ fighting just one more time.

Leonard was also asked where he would place the self-styled ‘Best Ever’ on the back of his considerable achievements in the sport and ruled out naming Mayweather on a par with legends like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson.

“Floyd has done great with his 49-0 and he has to come back for the 50th. It’s all set up for him to do so and I can’t see him finishing on 49-0 when the record is right in front of him,” Leonard exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’m not sure he’d be top ten, but he will be remembered I’m sure about that. There are so many fighters like Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and many others to choose from.

“Love him or hate him, you cannot deny what Floyd has done for boxing and I’m sure he will be missed as he was the top fighter out there,” he added.

A huge nine-figure check awaits Mayweather should he decide to fight for the 50th time as a professional as the major networks will be falling over themselves to snap up the pay-per-view rights to a comeback.