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Home » Exclusive: Ovill McKenzie eyes Victor Ramirez rematch in England

Exclusive: Ovill McKenzie eyes Victor Ramirez rematch in England

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The pair fought to a draw in Buenos Aires on Saturday night – in a fight which many though the Jamaican born McKenzie did enough to win – leaving the title in the Argentinian’s hands.

The 35 year-old McKenzie – a British and Commonwealth champion – only took the fight at eleven days’ notice and feels he has more than earned a rematch.

“It was a great fight on Saturday and in my heart I know I won. At the end of the bout, Ramirez even whispered to me twice that he thought I got the victory. I was excited to become world champion but I knew in Argentina I could get robbed, McKenzie exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Before the fight, I said I was going to knock him out, but then I saw him at the weigh in and he looked like a very tough guy. His feet are massive, like elephant feet and his hands are just as big. I knew I would have to box and box well – no way was I taking too many shots from those hands.

“My stamina was fine for the twelve rounds as well. I’m always in the gym and running, so eleven days is more than enough time for me to get in shape – that never worries me,” he added.

‘The Upsetter’ is now hoping promoter Frank Warren will succeed in ordering a rematch from the IBF.

“Now it is all about getting that rematch. I would love it between late December and early February. Ramirez is a strong, true fighter and he knows in his heart that I won that fight – I came to his hometown and schooled him, making him look like an amateur,” he said.

“If I was in his position I would be the big man and give the rematch straight away.”

“I came to his home, so maybe now he should come to England and it will be fair. Even after that, we could have a third fight at a neutral venue and it might make for a good trilogy. If he comes to England I will stop him, simple.”

Matt Horan is a staff writer for WBN. Follow on Twitter @mhoran123