Cuadras v Eto / Guevara v Kimura / Diaz v Ao treble on November 28

WBC 08/10/2015

Teiken Promotions announced that Carlos Cuadras (33-0-1, 26 KO) and current World Boxing Council super flyweight Champion, will defend his crown for the fifth time on November 28th at the Xebio Arena in Sendai, Japan against local Koki Eto, (17-3-1, 13 KO), the OPBF champion.

This will be a double card with two Mexicans staking their WBC world championships, as Pedro Guevara (26-1-1, 17 KO), the WBC light flyweight Champion, defends his title against Japan’s Kimura (17-2-1, 3 KO).

On the same card, the former super featherweight world Champion Gamaliel “Plátano” Diaz (38-13-3, 17 KO), fights Japan’s Takahiro Ao (27-3-1, 12 KO). This will be a rematch bout as Gamaliel became world Champ after defeating Takahiro.

Guevara is jetting to Japan and is confident in his own razor sharp samurai powers. Guevara defends his WBC title for the third time.

“ I think I am traveling now with more maturity. Last December, I was a little nervous with not a lot of confidence. I was thinking very much about being in Japan fighting against a former world champion,” Guevara commented, adding: “Now there’s a different mindset. I’ve gained a lot of experience. I am the champion and I will prove why. It was by chance that I conquered the title in Japan!”

After defeating Japan’s Akira Yaegashi to become world Champion, “Pedrín” successfully defended his title two times in Mazatlan against Filipino Richard Claveras and Mexican Ganigan Lopez.

“I think it is important not to fight only at home. I also like fighting outside my country. A Champion who used to travelling a lot to fight in Asia was the great Ricardo ”Finito” Lopez. He brilliantly proved he was the best and I want to do the same.