Editor’s view: Matthysse drops ‘hardman’ tag, risks ‘quitter’ label with Postol count out

Phil Jay 07/10/2015

Sumio Yamada

Argentinian Lucas Matthysse is facing up to another disappointment in his career as ‘The Machine’ once again lost out on winning a coveted world championship.

Saturday night’s tenth round knockout defeat at the hands of rangy undefeated Ukrainian Viktor Postol represented a fourth loss for Matthysse in the pro ranks and could be highly damaging to his once formidable reputation.

The 33 year-old is feared by many as a heavy-handed super lightweight, although his tame count out and subsequent excuses have raised serious doubts about Matthysse’s ability to cut it with the best around.

Matthysse blamed an eye problem that was initially ruled out by his team in the aftermath of Postol taking the vacant WBC belt, leaving question marks about the mentality of the South American puncher.

Further tests this week are set to reveal the full extend of any damage Matthysse suffered. 

When taking a second look at the body language of Matthysse though, his actions do point to a possible ‘no mas’ scenario and his actions may take some shaking off as Devon Alexander found to his cost against Timothy Bradley back in 2011.

Ironically, it took Alexander to go the distance with Matthysse in his very next fight to shake off a ‘quitter’ tag that threatened to stick, and it may take something similar against a top operator for last weekend’s knockout to be fully erased from memory.

Whether that means Matthysse increases weight to mix it with the bigger names at 147 is another issue, but it would be interesting to see if the two-time world title challenger takes his power up with him should he decide to make a bold move up.