Throwdown Fantasy: First-time winners claim Wilder-Duhaupas prize

For the third consecutive week, the $2000 Throwdown Fantasy Boxing Game produced first-time winners, Damon Holman and Esiah Camarena, who shared the $300.00 first-place prize for the most recent Wilder/Duhaupas group.
The remaining $700 was won by the top 34 players. Usually between 20-30% of players who enter any given game will win money. The $250 Fantasy Free roll game was filled up over a week in advance.
Holman, who is a longtime Throwdown Fantasy player, enjoys undercards because, “It gives me a reason to watch some of these non-championship cards on TV now.”
Camarena is a fairly new player who feels Throwdown Fantasy, “Adds more to fights that would not mean as much. Having a dog in the fight, so to speak, adds more to the result.”
There was a key fight change due to an injury, which made playing even more challenging than normal.  In fact, Holman felt he had the correct picks but, left with only 12 fighters in the pool after injuries, he decided to protect his selections by entering twice. Here is a look at the original field:
Fred Kassi vs. Robert Breazeale was a late replacement for Jamal Jones vs. Juan Carlos Abreau.  Players are advised to check for changes because they are allowed to change picks prior to games beginning.  Below is a breakdown of the winners’ picks.
The number of players continue to dramatically increase with each grouping.  The quality of players has improved because none of the top six finishers from last week were listed among the All-Time, Top 15 Winners’ List. 
Throwdown Fantasy Boxing is online at www.ThrowdownFantasy.com and boxing’s newest way to back up fight predictions is simple to play. In fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3: 1.  Using the $25,000 salary cap, pick five fighters from the game group; 2. Scoring may be tracked in real time, earning points for wins, knockouts and other CompuBox statistics, 3. Scoring the most points wins. Most games last a week and each has multiple winners.  Click on the above link to watch a short video to learn how easy is to play:
Fighters receive points based for how they perform, rewarding each style of boxing (see below chart). CompuBox fight statistics are available for research to aid in making selections at www.ThrowdownFantasy.com.
New players who sign up now can receive FREE entry into Throwdown Fantasy Boxing’s monthly Free-roll game, in which Throwdown Fantasy provides a $250 free roll that players may enter using Throwdown Points (3 free entire upon registration) and $25.00 free game. Signing up and playing is free. People may register to play for free and then move onto paid games.

The next $1000 Throwdown Fantasy Boxing game is scheduled for Sept. 15-26, featuring heavyweight favorite Deontay Wilder vs. underdog Johan Duhaupas in their world title fight, in one of nine fights to select fighters from in that group.