Ramirez v McKenzie: Full round-up of results / images

Card from Alejandro Lopez Cid (Mexico) of 115-113 for Ramirez, John Poturaj (United States) 114-114 and Larry Layton (United States) 115-113 for McKenzie saw the fight equal in the eyes of the supervisor of the contest was Daryl Peoples (United States).

On the undercard, in a six round at the junior middleweight category, the Buenos Aires native Jonathan Edgardo “Jonito” Palacio (13-1-1, 6 KO), tied with Andres Gabriel “Mestizo” Amarilla (5-3-2) with cards of Jorge Gorini 58-58; Ramon Cerdan 59-57 and Juan Carlos Palmieri 57-58.

In a junior welterweight bout over six, Brian Damian Chaves (7-0, 2 KO), stretched his unbeaten run after defeating Jacinto Gorosito (5-5-5, 1 KO) 59-55; 60-56 and 60-54

Also on the bill, Jonathan Ezequiel “Cucatrap” Aguirre (2-0), defeated Luis Humberto “Tinchito” Quiroga (0-6-1) with cards of 39-37, 39-36 and 39 to 37.5.

Opening the show, Emanuel Francisco “Pancho” Torres (6-0, 2 KOs) unanimously his bout against Javier Eduardo “Sniper” Bruer (6-4, 4 KO) 58-56, 59-56 and 59 to 57.5.