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Home » Malignaggi predicts big offer for Mayweather to open new MGM Grand Arena

Malignaggi predicts big offer for Mayweather to open new MGM Grand Arena

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Malignaggi recently co-commentated with Mayweather of FOX Sports recent Toe-to-Toe Tuesday broadcast as the ‘Money’ man reiterated that he is happy with his decision to retire from boxing on 49-0.


In a recent interview with WBN, Malignaggi believes Mayweather is set to be tempted to fight at least one more time in a belated bid to surpass the 49-0 retirement record of co-holder and heavyweight great Rocky Marciano.

“I’m not sure if Floyd will come back. It’s a tough decision for someone in Floyd’s shoes with all that money coming in every time he is able to fight,” Malignaggi told World Boxing News.

“There are a lot of options open to you when you’re winning like that. The way people come at you with big offers and what not, so I’m sure there will be a lot of temptation for Floyd to come back.


“But we will see if he decides to stay away or if he does come back as it’s a perfect opportunity for a lot of reasons.

“It’s his 50th fight and there is a new arena opening in Las Vegas. The MGM Grand is opening an arena that is twice the size of the arena they have now, so I know Floyd is going to get a big offer to open up that arena.”

The MGM-AEG Arena is due to open in April 2016 and will seat 20,000 people at a cost of $375 million.

Time will tell if that huge check is eventually waved under Mayweather’s nose for a 2016 return to action, but for now the former fighter is concentrating on promotional duties with his ‘Money Team’ crop of highly-rated contenders.