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Home » Boxing firefighter Dean Gillen wins second pro bout

Boxing firefighter Dean Gillen wins second pro bout

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Scored at 39-37, the 33-year-old middleweight, known as ‘The Fighting Fireman’ due to his profession in the fire and rescue service, got his second triumph in the pro ranks on a Carl Greaves Promotions show.


The 160lbs prospect said, “The first round, I felt and looked the business. I normally start slow but I started faster this time, so I was happy with that. I made it look easy, I think I got a little excited because of that and started swinging a bit.

“In my corner, Andrew Lowe was telling me what to do and I was listening but then doing my own thing once I was in there. I think I could have done a better job but I’m glad that I did it the way that I did because I learnt a lot.

“I was in control of the fight and should have relaxed and boxed as I know I can. My inexperience got the better of me and I got a little carried away and tried too hard.


“I was landing some good shots and I was hell-bent on getting the knockout because I wanted to put on a good show for the crowds.

“Afterwards, he said to me that I caught him with some big shots in the first round and he told me I was heavy-handed but he put the guard up and covered up.

“Even though I tried so hard to knock him out we shook hands afterwards and there was no malice. We’re now friends on Facebook and that’s how all boxers should conduct their selves.

The 25-year-old journeyman known as ‘Poochi’ recently took Ricky Hatton’s protégé Sonny Upton (8-2) the distance, losing on points at the York Hall in the weekend preceding his duel with Gillen.


Prior to that, he has also heard the final bell sound against British welterweight champion Curtis Woodhouse and Prizefighter winner Johnny Coyle.

Gillen came through a hard-fought debut earlier this year against fellow debutant Shaun White from Sheffield at the Britannia Hotel in Nottingham defeating the 31-year-old on points on May 23rd.

Scored identically at 39-37 on points, the two fights could not have been any more different.

“My first fight was an all-out war but this wasn’t, I was very in control,” he clarified. “I was ultimately calm and confident. If I’ve got my fitness and strength then I’m confident to get in the ring with anyone and I believe I can drag a win out of anyone when I’m in that shape and can’t wait to get back in the gym and iron out the creases.