PRBBP to contest Oquendo switch, say world title shot is already on

PR Best 24/09/2015
oquendo gonzalez lin

PR Best Boxing Promotions (PRBBP) was surprised by the news circulated yesterday that boxer Jonathan Oquendo signed a promotional agreement with Golden Boy Promotions (GBP), when he still has a valid contract with the Puerto Rican promoter until 2016, so PRBBP vowed to take legal action in this regard.

Promoter Ivan Rivera, president of PRBBP, learned from a press release issued by GBP yesterday that Oquendo (26-4, 16 KOs) had signed with them and reacted surprised by the news, because as recently as September 12th, PRBBP worked with the boxer when he beat former world champion Jhonny Gonzalez in Las Vegas, and already has the contract for his expected world title fight.

“We learned the news from the press and were surprised because we have been working with Jonathan for a while. He fought as a PRBBP boxer only 11 days ago, and we have the contract for his world title fight, which will be on December 5th against the Argentine Jesus Cuellar, the WBA featherweight champion, in Brooklyn, New York,” Ivan Rivera said.

The promoter added that “we don’t know the details of the contract he (Oquendo) signed with GBP, but he has a valid contract with us, so we have already met with our lawyers and will take legal action against any promoter, manager or whoever has interfered with our contract by inducing Oquendo to sign this agreement. This includes a claim for injunctive relief and damages in Federal Court.”

Meanwhile, Peter Rivera, Vice-President of PRBBP, was astonished at GBP’s interference with PRBBP’s contract, considering that GBP already has a case in court for something similar.
“We are surprised that GBP did this because they have an interference case in court with the case of Canelo Alvarez and All Star Boxing of Tutico Zabala, that has not been resolved, and now comes this with Jonathan,” said Peter Rivera. “Besides, we’ve always had a good working relationship with them, and they know that Jonathan has a valid and enforceable contract with us.”