Barrera to miss out on Beterbiev clash should GYM win October 5 bid

Under IBF rules, the minimum bid is $100,000 for this bout. Beterbiev will receive 75-percent of the purse bid to Barrera’s 25-percent, since the two-time Russian Olympian is the highest ranked contender, in addition to him already having won an IBF eliminator to earn his No. 2 spot.

“It is somewhat deceiving that we have to go to the purse bid,” said Beterbiev’s promoter, GYM president Yvon Michel. “According to Barrera’s promoter (Kathy Duva, Main Events), he cannot enter Canada. Should GYM win the purse bid and then Barrera is unable to fight in Canada, we will have to start the process all over again.”

Whether Barrera will be there or not, Beterbiev will see action soon.

“We intend to win the purse bid and give Artur a fight in Quebec, in November, regardless of the opponent,” Michel added.