Fury: ‘Rascal’ Hearn will have egg on his face when I KO Klitschko!

Phil Jay 23/09/2015

Tyson Fury was pulling no punches with his prediction of a ‘clean’ knockout when the charismatic challenger faces Wladimir Klitschko in Germany on October 24.

The 27 year-old gave one of his most intriguing performance yet at a media gathering as he entered as Batman before turning into the usually vocal Fury we all know.

“You’re and old man and you’re getting knocked out. Please God, I wish it was this weekend because you’d get hurt, I’m telling you,” said the former British, Commonwealth and European title holder.

“I’m a fighting man and you’ve never met a Gypsy King. You look more like a school teacher and you’re a nobody.”

Fury took over the whole press conference and began asking journalists what’s going to happen next month, which culminated in the undefeated heavyweight asking all those who think he can’t knock Klitschko out to stand up – any nobody did.

Prior to a further rant, Fury produced one of the biggest chuckles of the day when pointing at Eddie Hearn and telling him that his fight prediction would be proven wrong.

“This clown is getting knocked out and I don’t care if Eddie Hearn thinks I’m going to get beat because he’s getting knocked out and you’re going to have egg on your face,” stated Fury as he addressed the Matchroom boss on the end of the row.

Prior to this, Fury had called Hearn a ‘rascal’ when changing from his Batman alter ego to himself and introducing the panel on Klitschko’s side.

Once Fury sat down, which was never for long, Klitschko couldn’t help but state that ‘this is a very entertaining press conference,’ before adding: “I have friends in Circ du Soleil and they can give you a job as a clown. I say this not in an abusive way as it’s very tough to make people laugh. It’s a compliment.”

That statement provoked an angry reaction from Fury, but it’s all set up nicely for the big-hitting contest to decide the top division ruler in just over one month’s time.

No matter what happens on fight night, it’s sure to be an interesting watch in Dusseldorf.

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