Junior Witter still vexed by EU title decision, eyes Sam Eggington shot

The 41 year-old, who is a former British, Commonwealth, European and world champion, seemingly did enough to take a points win against El Mousaoui in France, although the judges at ringside thought otherwise.

El Mousaoui was handed the fight 118-109 and 116-110 by two of the officials, cards that were at the very least were questionable, whilst a third gave Witter the fighter 115-112 – which looked to be the correct decision.

Witter was forced to head home to Sheffield without the EU welterweight title in his possession and says the results has basically gone under the radar as El Mousaoui readies for a first defence of the belt.

“I’ve heard nothing officially. Nothing back from more or less anybody regarding a rematch or an appeal,” Witter told World Boxing News at ringside last week.

“I know El Mousaoui has another fight lined up to defend his title against somebody else, but I won that fight and I won it clean. A rematch should have been ordered and nothing has been done.”

‘The Hitter’ now aims to be back in the ring next month to put himself back in the win column and has his eyes on facing the winner of the British title clash between champion Sam Eggington and challenger Frankie Gavin, who defeated Witter back in 2012.

“I will be ready to go twelve rounds with anyone and I’m not scare of any fighter out there. I’d like Sam Eggington as I think Frankie Gavin should definitely be at 140,” he pointed out.

“I know people will say; ‘oh Gavin beat you’ – but he didn’t beat me…I beat me!

“I stopped working. I stopped throwing shots and there were other things going on that meant my mind wasn’t on the game. On the night I didn’t perform and he got the decision which is fair enough.

“I’m not taking it away from him, but he is not on that level where I think he can win that fight with Sam Eggington or he could ever beat me on a normal night.

“I just want to get back on the international market and hopefully get some more world honours.

“I’ve still got contacts in Mick Hennessy and the Ingle’s, but I just want to see black and white and I want fights with money at the end of it, so it’s just about finding the right package as to where I move next.

“I’m still there on the level after my performance and I intend on getting another meaningful title soon. I want to fight before the end of this year and I’ll be ready to go by the end of October,” added Witter.