Tom Farrell’s pro learning curve continues this Saturday night

A former top amateur with Knowsley Vale ABC, Farrell sees the contest as another good learning fight as he prepares himself for what he hopes will be another busy season ahead. The 25-year old also revealed that he sees his future in the wide open super-lightweight division.

He said: “Five fights in my first year as a pro is just what I needed. I’m learning all the time and I feel that, with a similar number of fights this year, I can start to make my mark and move up that ladder. I want titles of course, but I’m not going to rush and risk that by being unprepared or inexperienced. I’m training well and have a great team around me, advising me and helping me prepare properly. I can make light-welter easy enough and thats the divison I’ll be looking to target as my career progresses.”

In the past, Farrell has admitted that he perhaps didn’t do as good at amateur level as he should have done but, as a professional, his unblemished record so far would indicate that he is also ready to take a step up, something that should come sooner rather than later. “As long as I keep winning and learning and improving then those fights will come. A couple more wins and I’ll be looking to step up and maybe start to look at others and target titles later in the season. I’m concentrating on the Alexander fight for now, but yes, this should be a big year for me and I can’t wait to get back in the ring. The more fights the better really.”

Farrell v Alexander is part of a nine-fight Matchroom card at the Olympia, topped by Liverpool’s Stephen Smith v Italian Devis Boschiero in a final eliminator for the IBF super-featherweight title. For tickets click here