Mosley: Khan said he’d fight in Dubai, now he’s backing out

Mosley’s recent victory over arch-rival Ricardo Mayorga has propelled the 44 year-old back into the top ten with some organisations and the American says a December 13 clash with Khan in the Middle East had been in negotiations.

“The fight that has been offered to me is Amir Khan,” Mosley said, according to UAE tabloid 7 Days.

“Amir Khan said he might do a fight with me in Dubai, so we are checking on that, December 13, and that should be interesting.

“We’ve been talking about it, me and Amir, doing something out there in Dubai, and hopefully it works out. I can’t wait.”

No official confirmation followed from in-form WBC number one Khan over the potential battle and veteran Mosley is now backtracking on his previous claims for what looked to be a long shot in the first place.

“Whoever I fight I’m beating. I was hoping Khan would keep his word and fight like he said, but looks like he may back out,” stated Mosley over the weekend.

Khan missed out on fighting Floyd Mayweather for his retirement bout and has been linked to fighting Ruslan Provodnikov upon his return.