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Berto vows to war with Mayweather

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The 31 year-old has been completely written off in the build-up to the point where Berto has absolutely nothing to lose and the Haitian-American is now ready to up the stakes and trade bombs with Mayweather.


“I don’t know even know what the odds are. I’m over here training for a full fight to make this a war,” said Berto. “I don’t take time out of my day to sit down and look at the odds and see what other people think. If that was the case I shouldn’t have made it out of where I came from because making it out of there is slim to none.

“I didn’t go by those odds either and the same thing in this situation. Where my people come from is a lot worse than anything in that ring. I just train hard, ride hard and I just push it to the limit, that’s it.

“End of the day it’s what I believe and what my team believes. We do put in work, we have the ability to come out victorious and that’s the only confirmation that we need.


“I don’t fight like Maidana, I don’t fight like Castillo, I’m a different fighter, I don’t have that type of style. Maidana, his style works for him, he’s very reckless and, not too much speed, a lot of power and he comes from every angle. That’s not me.

“Castillo same thing, you get a classic Mexican fighter that walks to you and gives you lefts and swings and that’s not me as a fighter. I’m saying I’m fast, I got power, and then I can move my feet, I can do a lot more as well.

“I believe I can apply pressure and box and both will be effective for me. I have that rare combination of speed and power and I’m in incredible shape. I’m younger, I’m hungry and it’s a great recipe for victory.

“There’s definitely been some slippage (in Mayweather) throughout the years, the last couple fights but like I said he’s one of those guys doesn’t abuse his body.


“He’s always going to respect his sport so if you respect the sport the sport’s going to respect you. He hasn’t really been taking too much of a toll in the ring and he hasn’t really abused himself outside the ring.

“He’s going to stay as sharp as he’s been the last few years but you can be as sharp as you are but all it only takes is one single moment you know for somebody to capitalize on it,” he added.

A victory for Berto would ranked up there with Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson if it can be achieved as Mayweather prepares to hang up his gloves for good and hand his crown over to the likes of Roman Gonzalez, Gennady Golovkin and ex-foe Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather v Berto is live on Showtime PPV. You can order Mayweather v Berto in the UK by clicking BoxNation