Mayweather passes on nine figures to fight on, says P4P mantle will be handed to Pacquiao

Mayweather confirmed that he has received “crazy numbers at me to stay in the sport, nine figures, up front.”

Still, the 38-year-old Grand Rapids native continues to insist that his welterweight title defense Saturday against Andre Berto will be his career finale.

It defies convention that a fighter coming off the richest bout in history, and still at the pinnacle of his sport, would walk away with so much money on the table.

Mayweather also has to continue funding a lavish lifestyle, as illustrated when his daughter Jirah texted him from California on Tuesday, asking whether she and her two brothers were taking a commercial flight to Las Vegas for the fight or if the family jet would pick them up.

Mayweather said he will send the jet.

How much will Floyd Mayweather miss boxing? ‘Not at all’

Floyd Mayweather says he’s ready to see another boxer at the top of the sport.

Still, he says he can walk away from the money and the fame, and let the next fighter take up those mantles.

“Numbers have came at me, you know,” to remain active, he said. “But right now, I’m OK.”

Mayweather signed a three-year, six-fight deal with Showtime in 2013. Saturday’s fight concludes that contract.

If Mayweather were to fight into 2016, he could negotiate as a free agent with Showtime, HBO, and even mainstream networks.

One such possibility would be a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, whom Mayweather defeated in May.

Asked who he thinks deserves the title of boxing’s best fighter if he abdicates his pound-for-pound throne, Mayweather gave a nod to his rival.

“Probably Manny Pacquiao,” Mayweather said. “We can’t just take it away from him because he lost to me. Probably Manny Pacquiao.”

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