Sulaiman: 147 and 154 tournaments will follow Mayweather retirement

Undefeated Floyd, says this Saturday’s WBC welterweight title defence against Andre Berto at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, WILL be his forty-ninth, and last.

At the weekly World Boxing Council press conference in Mexico City, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman said that Floyd is the overwhelming favorite, but if he lost it would be a medium and not seismic shockwave, not on the same utter surprise level as James “buster” Douglas’ Victory over Mike Tyson in Tokyo, because Berto has himself been world Champion twice.

Mauricio observed that Floyd’s genius is his adaptability capability, especially seen in second helpings against Jose Luis Castillo and Marcos “Chino” Maidana. Mauricio described Floyd as uniquely intelligent, adapting his style to minimize risk in fights, ranking him in the top five of all time in the mid-weight divisions.