Mario Barrios improves to 11-0 with fourth round KO

In the opening round, Barrios used his height and reach to perfection, keeping Torres at bay with a powerful jab. Torres, who was running for dear life, did everything he could to survive. After dominating for the first three rounds, Barrios turned up the heat. In the round four, Barrios came out guns blazing, and landed a double left hook to Torres’ temple, followed by a bruising shot to the liver, ending the bout. With the win, Barrios sees himself as a force to be reckon with in the super-featherweight division.

“This was a good fight for me as I’m on my march for a world title,” said Mario Barrios. “I definitely want to get right back in the gym to start working on some things I know I can improve on. Because Torres was giving me a lot of movement, I had to make some adjustments. Once I figured him out, I know I was going to stop him. The super-featherweight division is wide open for me to march up the rankings. With Al Haymon guiding my career, I know I’m going to have some golden opportunities to shine. I’m looking forward to my next fight.”