‘Hit and not be hit, make a lot of money without taking punishment’ – Mayweather

The 38 year-old completes his multi-million dollar six-fight Showtime contract against the former WBC welterweight champion at the MGM Grand and aims to hang up his gloves level with Rocky Marciano on 49-0.

Many see Mayweather fighting on past his clash with Berto for at least one more contest, although ‘Money’ says he’s earned the right to walk away whenever he feels like it on the back of a stellar 19-year career.

“I’ve truly been blessed. I’ve taken my time, kept my eye on the prize and done what I’ve had to do. So I’m able to make a choice when to retire. Most fighters really couldn’t,” said Mayweather.

“Boxing has always been work to me, a job. If I could say anything to a youngster taking up boxing it would be to “be smart and not take a lot of punches. It’s called the sweet science for a reason. Hit and not be hit, make a lot of money without taking a lot of punishment. That’s what it’s about.

“Nobody knows what the future holds, but right now, I’m cool and comfortable and having no second thoughts at all about retirement. I had a good career, I won every world title, but boxing is wear and tear on the body. It’s time to hang ’em up. I’m looking forward to working with some up-and-coming kids, going on walks, and taking vacations.’

“All 48 of my fights have been hard. None have been easy. All played a major key. It’s the ‘Mayweather Era.’ I feel that every fighter is an artist and they all take pictures their own way. I’m just one of the very best artists,” he added.

Berto, 31, is a massive 100-1 against underdog to put a dent in Mayweather’s awesome record and will be able to enhance his career just by making the fight competitive for however long it lasts.