Maravilla Boxing take legal steps against AIBA

Maravilla Box 05/09/2015

The Promotions company led by Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez has received good news that the legal actions taken by himself and Miguel Angel de Pablos against FEB and AIBA has been admitted by the Court of First Instance 11th of Madrid and he has also delivered letters to Switzerland to report AIBA.

In this action, the damage that AIBA and FEB caused to promoters as well as the industry of professional boxing, has been exposed.

Similarly, the second legal action taken with the Legal Commission of the National Market Competition is also in a satisfactory procedural stage. It has required Maravillabox Promotions to provide evidence of presented facts. The above tests have already been registered with the authorities. We know it will be a long and expensive process, but we have used the resources we have and pursued the action open to us.

We thank all the professional bodies that have linked into and publicly adhered to these processes. These are: The World Boxing Council, World Boxing Association, International Boxing
Federation, World Boxing Organization, European Boxing Union, African Boxing Union, North American Boxing Federation, and many more.