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Home » Cotto assures fans Canelo encounter will be a classic

Cotto assures fans Canelo encounter will be a classic

The promotional tour of the fight is already completed. They visited Los Angeles, Mexico, New York and Puerto Rico. Now the training intensifies so that the Puerto Rican boxer moves to Los Angeles to train with his “secret weapon” as recently described his trainer Freddie Roach.

The dream of every boxer is to win by knockout. How do you think the fight will end?

We’ve never had that thought. We prepare to fight twelve rounds, but if the opportunity arises I’m going to take advantage.

What would you say to the fans who are divided about the outcome?

This is a big fight and rivalry between our countries is historic. … the greatest in boxing. Fans will make their choice, yet this fight is for all of them.

How are you preparing for this fight? Have you had to make a change to your diet or work program?

The preparation is just beginning, but we are in readiness to start our camp with Freddie [Roach] in Los Angeles. We are excited and ready to start. In terms of diet, I do not have a restriction on food I try to eat as healthy as possible.

What are your strengths against Canelo?

Canelo is a great fighter and has earned his place and respect in every fight.

Might age be against you?

Each person has their opinion which we respect very much. In this fight, the age factor will not be significant, however, experience itself will be a key factor.

What will be different with Canelo in this fight? Why is it worth paying to see?

This is the fight that the fans want to see, a real fight in the ring. Miguel´s style and Canelo’s style go hand to hand and this is sure to be a classic bout.

Oscar De La Hoya says this fight reminds him of his war against Tito Trinidad. Do you agree with him? Why?

Every fight has a time and reason for being. This fight is very significant for this moment. It goes through our careers and we represent countries that have so much history in boxing.

If you win this fight, whom you dedicate this victory to?

This fight, like each and everyone in my career, has been dedicated to my family and the Puerto Rican people.

Please end a message to boxing fans.

Thank you for all the support. This fight is for all of you. I hope you can see and enjoy every moment of this great event.

The big boxing event will be at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and will be broadcast on HBO and pay per view