Look: Juan Estrada v Tyson Marquez presser announcement

Zanfer 04/09/2015

One of the main motivations for Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada to give a title shot to Hernan “Tyson” Marquez is to see whether he is still at his own level.

During the press conference held by Zanfer Promotions Thursday in Mexico City to present the event in September, Estrada and Marquez were present.

The interim super flyweight champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA), David “Tornado” Sanchez, who will defend his belt on September 19, was another guest.

The presentation was chaired by Guillermo Brito and Francisco Franco, Zanfer Promotions executives.

“I am preparing very well because I know that even when ‘Tyson’ was champion he did not give me a chance because according to him there was no match against me. Now, I give him the opportunity to see whether he is on my level, “said Estrada.

The double world champion with the WBO then thanked Zanfer making this fight that has generated great excitement among the fans.

In turn, the former world flyweight champion Hernan “Tyson” Marquez took the opportunity to thank Zanfer and promised that has been prepared better than ever as he goes against a great champion like the “Gallo” Estrada.

“We already know that many people do not believe in me,” said Marquez. “They say I’m finished, but the day of the performance they will all be in for a surprise. Because this is my pride.”