Arum: Manny will retire next year, Floyd will continue fighting

Arum is lining up a spring return for Pacquiao following shoulder surgery on the back of his defeat to Floyd Mayweather last May, which means the 36 year-old could have just two fights left in him in total.

A fight against Amir Khan or Danny Garcia has been touted for the first quarter of next year, which could be followed up by a retirement clash at the end of the year – before Pacquiao then steps away for good.

“He’s gonna fight again next year but his goal is to become a senator in the Philippines, which he will be next year, and then to be president,” Arum told TMZ Sports.

Arum added, “I think Manny will retire once he’s elected to the Senate of the Philippines which is next year … he’s gonna hang up the gloves.”

On whether Mayweather, who has announced his retirement for September, will hang them up for good, Arum stated: “I think Manny will retire before Floyd. I think Floyd will continue fighting, but Manny will retire once he is elected Senator of the Philippines.”

Mayweather, 38, is set to fight Andre Berto on September 12, although a rematch with Pacquiao is the biggest money-maker and could still be on the cards due to the first fight making over $400m dollars.