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Home » Puerto Rico-Mexico rivalry ignites once more for Cotto-Canelo clash

Puerto Rico-Mexico rivalry ignites once more for Cotto-Canelo clash

This contest of skill, power, determination and willpower, adds up to another amazing chapter in this saga of competitivity, which brings out the very best of the fabled famous Island Nation and its boxing devotees, combined with the passion of every avid fight fan, the length and breadth of mighty MEXICO.

For both Puerto Rico and MEXICO, this extravaganza leading up to a great contest between two tremendous fighters, is a source of ambition and pride, leading to satisfaction. The promotional tour of Cotto vs. Álvarez, which started in Los Angeles, passed through MEXICO and New York for concluding in Puerto Rico- the home of the Champion, reflects these elements, qualities and aspirations. Las Vegas became the boxing mecca decades ago and this main boxing vunue has been graced by a glittering array of PR and of MEXICO’S stars.

Puerto Rico has its island people imbued with the spirit and independent streak of buccaneering adventure. While for MEXICO, simply take it as red.

The very ingredients which produced the flavor and the essence of Puerto Rico and of course MEXICO!

Puerto Rico and MEXICO are combining, yet also competing to again make history with this match, which is grabbing the attention of the entire World.