Brendon Smith putting together second Halloween card

TGW & Smithy 28/08/2015
Smithy TGW

For the second year running Brendon Smith will host a fight night on October 31, Halloween. TGW & Smithy bring the big fights 11 was today launched in style with all of the pro and amateur fighters dressing up to match the halloween theme.

“A big thank you to Kerri Edwards from the Fancy Dress Shop at 384 Ruthven Street for dressing our fighters,” Brendon Smith said.

“They look fantastic and also a huge thanks goes to Karita Hornery for painting everyone as well.”

It wasn’t just the costumes that captured attention at today’s press conference. There was plenty of big news that will excite fight fans.

While this card is still to confirmed – three potential title fights are in the pipeline.

“Jack Asis,Darren Askew and Will Young are all possibilities to feature in title fights on the card.

“We cater to bring the big fights to Toowoomba,” Smith said.

“Right now we are negotiating about Billy Dib vs Jack Asis for the IBO World title.

“That’s no secret – everyone knows that, Billy Dib has a contract sitting on his desk to fight Jack in Toowoomba – now we wait and see if he will sign it.

“We’ve applied to WBU to investigate Darren’s recent controversial title loss against Anthony Taylor – I’ve made it known we are happy to host the re-match right here on October 31.

“That one is in the hands of the WBU.

“Finally with Will Young, we’ve made the decision to move on from the Australian title and look at a regional title.

“Will has earned that opportunity after his two performances against Luke Jackson and Wang Xinghua.

“We realise it’s unlikely we can pull off all three of those bouts for October 31, but we will see where the cards fall.

“Adding to the excitement Will’s six year old son Adrian ‘ALLOY’ Young will also be in action.

“That will be a crowd pleaser.

“It shows how exciting a time it is for boxing in the Garden City – the fact that we’re talking about three guys in line for either World title or Regional titles.” Smith said.

Today’s press conference also featured heavy weights Herman Ene-Purcell and Joel Stower. Middleweight prospect Brent Moore, exciting lightweight Brent Rice and female pro’s Julie Livett and Vicki Neal.

“Today we are also able to confirm the first match up for October 31, Julie Livett vs Vicki Neal,” Smith said.

“Vicki needs no introduction in the Garden City, she’s very popular and a great little fighter who has made the decision to turn pro on this card.

“Julie Livett is new to Toowoomba and is now training with Stevie Spark at Smithy’s TGW gym and is coming along nicely.

“This is a great little match up.

“Brent Rice is another who is prepping for October 31 – he’s a great prospect, undefeated and making waves.

“Brent will develop quite a following in Toowoomba I have no doubt.

“Herman Ene-Purcell has a fight coming up in China, but it’s possible he will back up on this card but first things first we have to get through September 11 in China then we will look at it.

“Brent Moore, Sammy Williams and Joel Stower are all others in line for this card.

“Brent is 1-0, Sammy is still undefeated and Joel is 1-1 and getting better all the time.

“I feel those three have the potential to make names for themselves on our local cards the same way Will Young has,” Smith said.

Another huge addition to this card is the Amateur Queensland City vs Queensland Country challenge. The winner will be awarded the inaugural Brayd Smith Cup.

“This one will be very special,” Smith said.

“We want to showcase the future stars and this is a full amateur challenge.

“I’ve spoken to Alan Nicholson from Queensland Boxing and they’re right behind this one, and they’re very excited about it.

“We will have 10 country boys taking on 10 city boys – whoever wins the most fights, win’s the cup.

“Here on the Darling Downs we have Chris Brackin, Gav Hornery and Matty Spooner who are all National Golden Gloves champions so hopefully they will spearhead the country team.

“Add to that Curtly Hammond, Tallis Wilkins, Aaron Wilkins, Mel Baker, Brenton Dierke – we think we will have a very strong country team and plan on keeping that cup right here in Toowoomba.

“It’s just a great opportunity to give these youngsters the chance to fight on a big stage. They’re the future of the sport.

“This will be a big afternoon and night of boxing with the amateurs in the afternoon and the pro’s at night.

“It’s a showcase of the past, present and future all on one card.

“A big thanks to all of our sponsors who are supporting this big card.”