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Markussen faces Gogichashvili with one eye on Nielsen

“Of course it can be hard when you have been away for so long,’’ said the former European Champion. ‘’That being said, things have gone remarkably well. I had thought it would be harder, but I have no physical problems and my conditioning is perfect.’’

Q: Does your form surprise you?

“I’ve always stayed active and continued my training, so I’ve obviously benefited from that. But I’ve also had the chance to sort out a lot of things mentally. I feel very focused for this fight, and also my next one. I have my life in control and there are no distractions. I’ve been able to concentrate 100% on my training.”

Q: How does your form compare to what we have seen from you previously?

“Mentally I’m better than ever, and my boxing ability and punching power is still there. I honestly don’t feel like I’m 38 years old. I feel like I have been reborn. I’m hungry! I’m hungrier now than I have been for many years.”

Q: Is it possible to focus on two fights at once? You need to win in Frederikshavn to set up a massive fight with Patrick Nielsen later this year. Is this a distraction?

“It is a dual focus, but when I enter the ring in Frederikshavn, that will be all I’m thinking about. There is a lot of hype about the fight between me and Patrick, and it’s no secret that while we’re preparing for my opponent in Frederikshavn, we’re also preparing for Patrick. We’ve been preparing for Patrick for months.”

Q: What do you think about the fight against Patrick Nielsen? Is this a fight you can win?

“It’s a fight I’m sure I’ll win. Technically, I’m better, and I have much more punching power. I’ve met opponents like Patrick before, who were just as cocky and provocative, so I don’t take him too seriously. I just see him as a young kid who feels threatened.”

Q: Have you thought about your legacy? Everybody is talking about the fight against Patrick Nielsen. Is this a chance for you to re-establish yourself on the world scene?

‘’If I beat Patrick, the big fights will follow. I’m fully aware that the next three fights can change my whole future. I know what is at stake. I will fight with everything I have and working harder than ever to make it happen. I’ve got a golden opportunity to do something big for Danish boxing. I have everything to gain!”

Tickets for ‘Collision Course’ featuring Patrick Nielsen vs. Samir Santos Barbosa and Rudy Markussen vs. Ramazi Gogichashvili are on sale now and available via All the action will be shown live on Viasat channels in Denmark.