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WBC still at odds with pirate belt manufacturers

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This happened when the organization detected some sites on EBay including , using the registered brand of the WBC for producing their products.

With this fraudulent act, the WBC legal department presented a complaint to The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) against the Pakistani owners of

However, they changed to the site continuing with their fraudulent practices. After several months of endeavor, The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) declared that the site acted for profit and with bad faith, so the Department of Homeland Security Investigations (DHIS) of US in Albuquerque, New Mexico, obtained a seizure court order to close the site after their belts were certified as false.

For the World Boxing Council it is imperative to end all manufacture of illegal products, including the usage of the WBC registered trademark.

The green and gold belt is the highest honor for boxers. It is destined for the most talented and dedicated warriors who dream with glory and who work each and every day in their training camps to win it. In general, the belt can only be won inside the ropes. It is wholly inappropriate to negotiate with this article as its value is beyond any value or price.

“The WBC World Championship Belts have never been, nor will ever be for sale! They are sacred for us. The belts are icons and the WBC will use all available legal procedures to stop unauthorized sales, including pirated and illegal products. ” Mauricio Sulaiman, WBC President, stated.

As organization we will always value and protect our greatest symbol. We will work to eradicate the illegal sale and also authenticate our products..

Likewise, we would also like to exhort all fans of the sport not to buy these fake belts. This practice only hurts and wounds our boxing Champions, as this practice is categorized as a felony.