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Brunker and Hogan ready for European challenges

It is well known that Josh Warrington has a rowdy following in his hometown Leeds. When asked if Brunker is ready for what the crowd may be like, Joel replied;

“Definitely! Obviously the fans will all be cheering for Warrington, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I have been in full camp and I am feeling great, I’m looking forward to the fight. I will touch down in London on August 22nd to finish my preparation and adjust my body to the time difference.”

Dennis Hogan will challenge for the WBA World light middleweight interim title in Germany on September 26th. Hogan hopes to dismantle the local German and WBA world number one Jack Culcay.

Hogan has to travel into Culcay’s back yard for the biggest fight of his life, which will play out in the Max Schmeling Halle, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin next month. Traveling isn’t an issue for Hogan who has had a recent run of fights in the US. Hogan is currently ranked number 5 with the IBF.

Regardless of the challenge put in front of Hogan he has been able to step up each time and get the job done. When asked about the upcoming fight Hogan stated:

“I am pumped I will be fighting for a WBA world interim title against such a highly ranked opponent in Jack Culcay. I want to thank my team for working night and day to get me this shot. This is what I always wanted and now I will deliver.”