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Home » Thompson: Teper showed my Price win wasn’t drugs, I’d prove it again as it’s an easy fight

Thompson: Teper showed my Price win wasn’t drugs, I’d prove it again as it’s an easy fight

Thompson took just two rounds to stop a then undefeated Price back in February 2013, but it was the 43 year-old’s second victory five months later that was recently slated in the British newspapers for a failed drugs test.

Legal representative for Thompson, Mike Borao told WBN last month that the findings over the test were fully explained and accepted by authorities at the time, before accusing the media in Price’s native country of making a story out of nothing.

Price, 32, has since been badly knocked out again in a European title challenge against the unheralded Erkan Teper this summer and Thompson believes that reverse should be proof enough that he didn’t need any illegal help to defeat the Merseysider.

“The way the press reported the story I didn’t think was fair as all they did was choose what to print and left out all the facts that people should know,” Thompson exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I thought it was in very bad taste and I also feel bad for David as well because they keep wanting to make excuses for why he lost to me.

“They now see with his loss to Erkan Teper that he is just not a very good fighter and is was not because I was on drugs.”

Despite suffering two losses himself since facing Price, Thompson’s career is once again on the up following a triumph over Odlanier Solis back in February for a fringe version of the WBC belt.

‘The Tiger’ is on the lookout for where his next test may come, but wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a third fight with Price to settle the argument once and for all. That would depend on Price deciding to continue with his career and whether he is able to back in the win column beforehand.

“Of course I would be open to a third fight with David as I see it as an easy fight for me. I have proven it twice, so it’s no problem for me to do it again,” he pointed out.

“As far as me returning to action goes, I got to wait until someone gets brave enough to fight me,” added Thompson.