EXCLUSIVE: Richar Abril eager to fight despite legal issues

Richar Abril

Chris Farina

Former WBA lightweight champion Richar Abril is rapidly approaching a year out of action even though the talented Cuban has been injury free for a while.

The 33-year-old was made WBA ‘Champion in Recess’ earlier this year when failing to defend his title against Derry Mathews on two occasions through no fault of his own, although legal battles have since dominated his career.

According to lawyer Greg Bloom, who spoke to WBN on Wednesday, Abril has been unable to resume his mission to regain a world title due to outside influences and has now been relieved of his ranking by the World Boxing Association.

“Richar has been fit to fight for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the WBA has greatly mistreated their former champion,” Bloom exclusively told World Boxing News.

“In April, the WBA made him “Champion in Recess” after an injury kept him from fighting Matthews as previously scheduled. The WBA then told Abril (via letter) he would have 120 days to fight the new champion, Darleys Perez. We contacted the WBA immediately and said Abril would be ready in 60 days for that fight.

“One week later, the WBA approved the first Perez v. Crolla match without notifying Abril. In June, they decided to strip Abril of his “Champion in Recess” status (again without any prior notification) and remove him from the top 10 rankings.

“None of my correspondence (on behalf of Abril) to either Gilbert Mendoza or the WBA attorney has been answered since April 2015, but rather ignored. All the while, Abril is still caught up in a lawsuit with his former promoter, who has done absolutely nothing for Abril since the lawsuit’s commencement over a year ago.

“Abril is desperately looking for a fight, but no one can do anything because his promotional status is in limbo through the US courts, and no promoter wants to get involved.

“It is regrettable and deplorable that a great fighter with the talents of Richar Abril is forced, through boxing politics, not only to be stripped of a World Championship that he earned, but is now forced to sit on the sidelines during the prime of his career.

“We are very frustrated with the situation on this end, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. We are actively looking for fights and trying our best to either move the lawsuit along or settle the situation,” he added.

Abril, who has 19 wins, three losses, and one draw on his record, last fought in September 2014, successfully defending his old belt against Edis Tatli in Finland, but overall, he has fought twice in over three years is in desperate need of a boost.