Image: Smith sends Asis rematch contract to Dib

TGW & Smithy 17/08/2015

FORMER TWO TIME WORLD CHAMP BILLY DIB last Friday took to facebook to say he accepts the challenge of Jack Asis. His last words ‘Let the negotiations begin.’ – Brendon Smith obliged.

“I sent Billy a contract offer on Saturday morning,” Smith confirmed.

“Billy wants the fight, Jack wants the fight so now it’s my turn as a promoter to try make it happen.

“The ball is now in Billy’s court. Hopefully he signs off on my offer and we make the super fight a reality.

“The figure I have proposed is the same amount I would accept for Jack.

“Obviously we understand normally in these situations the champion deserves a bigger purse but I see this as fair because of the respect we have for Billy Dib.

“I believe the offer we have made to Billy is very fair and he deserves nothing less because of the person he is.

“We have the utmost respect for Billy Dib. Not only for the boxer that he is but more importantly the person he is.

“In all my dealings thus far Billy has been nothing more than a gentleman.

The terms of the contract state the bout will take place between November 11 and December 20, 2015.

“In my phone conversations Billy has indicated to me later in the year would suit him better so I’ve left open a window of between November 11 and December 20,” Smith said.

“This means both boys will have ample time to prepare for this super fight.

“Our goal is to make Toowoomba the boxing capital of Australia and I would love to host this bout right here.

“It’s a super fight in Australia and arguably would be the biggest fight the Garden City has ever seen.

“I know Toowoomba would embrace Billy Dib and I would love to bring him to our wonderful city.

“Billy’s trainer Billy Hussein has been to Toowoomba with Luke Jackson before and I’m sure he would vouch for how great Toowoomba is.

“Whether it’s the hospitality,community support or the professionalism of our shows in general I know Billy Dib would be treated like royalty in Toowoomba.

“Our fans are very passionate but respectful and Billy deserves that.

“Our city is moving forward in leaps and bounds with the work the Toowoomba Regional Council does headed by our Mayor Paul Antonio.

“Toowoomba is the best city in World and hopefully Billy Dib signs the contract and he can see that first hand.”

It’s been billed as revenge vs redemption and the talk between both camps has been going for over a week now.

“It’s great to see this interest in a bout between two Australians,” Smith said.

“Our offer is on the table. As I said earlier – the ball is in Billy’s court.

“It’s up to him and his management as to whether they accept or decline our offer.

“We’re all about hosting the big fights in Toowoomba so I’ve thrown my hat in the ring to stage it right here in the best city in the World – Toowoomba!!” Smith said.