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Home » De La Hoya: MayPac fiasco out of the way, Cotto v Canelo the biggest fight in history

De La Hoya: MayPac fiasco out of the way, Cotto v Canelo the biggest fight in history

Cotto and Canelo will collide for the WBC middleweight title on November 21 in Las Vegas and De La Hoya says fans can expect much more from the Puerto Rico v Mexico HBO clash than previously witnessed at the MayPac offering on rivals Showtime.

“The fight is huge. Obviously we recognize that in May, Mayweather v Pacquiao was taking place, and now that that fiasco is all over with, we can focus on promoting the biggest fight in the history of the sport in November,” said De La Hoya.

“So we have no obstacles in front of us. We have our engines revved up ready to go and we’re going to promote this event to the world, and it’s going to be one of those events that the world is going to talk about for many years to come.”

Moving on to the pay-per-view terms, De La Hoya confirmed that the fight will be cheaper than the $99.95 Mayweather disappointment and will be assured a lot more action into the bargain.

“Obviously everyone at the HBO family, this is Canelo’s second fight on the network since signing the exclusive agreement with HBO last September, and as you know, HBO wants to show the best fights and fights that pit the best against the best. So I’m pleased Cotto v. Canelo will be televised live on HBO Pay Per View.

“In regards to the Pay Per View, we are discussing the fight which we will announce later on shortly. But mark my words, it will be a lot less than a hundred dollars, that’s for sure.

“So people are going to get a bang for their buck, and people are going to get guaranteed action, so we are just thrilled and happy that the fans are going to be the winners in this fight,” he added.