Jack Asis eyes revenge, wants Billy Dib rematch

TGW & Smithy 12/08/2015

IF BILLY DIB WANTS THIS, NO WORRIES – COME GET IT. Pointing to his title belt, those were the words IBO Super featherweight World Champion Jack Asis said to his manager Brendon Smith when the name Billy Dib was mentioned.

Smith sat down with Asis to discuss possible title defences and next opponents for the champ.

“I mentioned to Jack twice Billy Dib himself has personally called me inquiring into a bout for Jack’s World title,” Smith said.

“Jack’s face lit up, it’s very obvious this is a fight he wants.

“Billy has reached out to me on more than one occasion – Jack wants it, so it’s up to Billy lets make it happen. It’s a super fight in our country.

“Jack is the IBO World Champ, Dib is not only the former IBF champ but he is also the former IBO World champ so here’s a chance for him to get his belt back.

“This fight has so much appeal in Australia – let’s do it I say,” Smith said.

This is very much a revenge vs redemption fight.

Dib is chasing redemption.

At his last bout he was knocked out by Japan’s Takashi Miura in Tokyo on Australian National free to air television. Asis is chasing revenge.

Back in 2010 Asis fought Dib on short notice in an eight rounder. It came at a time when Jack was generally stereotyped as a ‘fill in fighter’ in this country.

Dib knocked out Asis in four rounds. It was Jack’s third bout in 63 days – ranging from featherweight to welterweight.

“I never forget that fight with Billy,” Asis said.

“It burns within me, I want this rematch.

“Billy you call my manager and ask about fighting me, so I say to you – if you want my belt you come get it.

“This time it will be different, no short notice, I will be ready and I will knock you out.

“I happy to give you a shot at my belt, if you beat me it’s yours.

“I promise all fans this time be different than last time.

“We have show in Toowoomba on October 31, why not do it then?

“First fight was in Wollongong in front of your fans, how bout you come to Toowoomba in front of my fans this time.

“But if you want to do it down there, sure why not, I don’t care where.

“As long as there is a ring, you and me – I don’t care about the rest.

“I believe I will knock out Billy Dib,” Asis said.

A potential match up between Jack Asis and Billy Dib is a mouth watering prospect. Dib has forged a name for himself around the World and is well supported in Australia. Evidenced by the fact channel 9 broadcast his recent loss to Takashi Muira in Japan on live free to air television all over Australia.

Dib is also one of the commentators on this Friday night’s Footy Show fight night.

Meanwhile Jack Asis is the fairytale story who has captured the hearts of the country with his rags to riches story.

If Dib and Asis does eventuate there is plenty riding on the result for both men.

A Billy Dib win and he’s automatically back on the World stage.

A Jack Asis win and it enhances his stock on the World scene and will open further doors for lucrative title bouts overseas.

“It’s a dream match up,” Brendon Smith said.

“We want it – does Billy? that’s the question we need answered?

“He’s shows interest in the bout so there is optimism it can be a reality.

“Toowoomba, Brisbane,Sydney,Melbourne – where ever, this is a fight that needs to be shown to the Australian public.

“I know how much Jack wants this fight – as his manager I’ll do all I can to make it happen,” Smith said.

Jack Asis added: “Pick up the phone Billy, call my manager and lets make this fight happen.

“I have something you want, so here it is come take it off me.

“It’s showtime, I’m ready for Billy Dib,” Asis said.