Bradley Saunders to train with Danny Vaughan at MGM

MGM 10/08/2015

MGMs super lightweight prospect Bradley Saunders has made the decision to train full time at MGM Marbella under Danny Vaughan.

Until now, Bradley has been backwards and forwards to the UK from Spain and the traveling and spending time away from his family has been taking its toll. It was time for a change and Saunders and Vaughan are very happy with the new arrangement.

“Bradley ?s a top talent,” said Vaughan. “But he needed some stability in his career. I’ve known him for a long time and I will get the best out of him and show him what he can do. Together we
will reach his full potential and win a world title.”

Bradley is pleased with how things are turning out; “I ?m over the moon that Danny will be training me in Spain. He ?s a top coach and man in himself and he has had results in the past. I ?m settled here in Spain now and really looking forward to working with Danny at MGM Marbella.”