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Mayweather: Berto my last dance, Pacquiao fight the most important

The 48-0 self-titled ‘Best Ever’ has been adamant that the end of his current Showtime contract will bring the curtain down on his stellar career, although there are many sceptics who believe that the pound for pound king won’t be able to resist a 50th contest.

‘Money’ Mayweather spoke up during the recent press conference announcement for his clash with the unfancied Berto and says he is looking forward to spending more time with his family and enjoying his passion of watching other sports.

“September 12th is my last dance. On September 13 I just want to sit back and watch some football. I want to watch my children get the best education. And I want to spend every day with my kids. These are the best days of my life,” stated Mayweather.”

“Number 49, this is it. I’ve had a tremendous career. I’m older, wiser and my health is more important than anything. September 12 is my last fight.”

On which fight will live longest in his memory, Mayweather predictably cited his recent victory over Filipino rival Manny Pacquiao which made him over $300 million in pay-per-view and other revenue for just 36 minutes work.

Another collision with Pacquiao is rumoured to be on the cards towards the end of 2016 as even Mayweather himself admits fighting the Filipino will define his time in the sport.

“All 48 fights played a key, but number 48 was the most important,” he said.

“The difference between Andre Berto and Pacquiao is you guys [to the media] put hype behind Pacquiao. My job was to go out there and be Floyd Mayweather and be a chess player and that’s what I did. I found a way to win.

“This dream all started with just two people. Me and my father. Just the two of us.”