Gyllenhaal’s Southpaw performance inspired by Cotto

WBC 05/08/2015

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal met Miguel Cotto to gain more boxing skills knowledge and glean inspiration for his fighter’s role in Southpaw.

Before Jake Gyllenhaal portrayed light heavyweight Champion, Billy “The Great” Hope, and as a crucial part of his preparation, he went to Madison Square Garden in New York to watch the bout between Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez in June last year.

“I really like Cotto’s style and I love seeing him fighting. I didn’t attend Cotto vs Martinez to watch the fight, but also analyzing the reasons a fighter gets into the ring,“ commented the actor during an interview.

Gyllenhaal prepared for this character undergoing grueling boxing training boxing to bring about a physical metamorphosis, and in so doing, completely get into the mindset of Billy Hope.